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2018 County/Court Holiday Calendars

Please be aware of the differences between the holiday calendars. For the Levy County Holiday Calendar COUNTY CALENDAR For the Circuit 8 Court Holiday Calendar CIRCUIT CALENDAR


(Click “View Full Post” to download PDF) 2018 Tentative Budget PDF


 Starting March 1st, 2016 tax deed sales will be at 10:00 AM


If you have received a document like this (click to view PDF example), we encourage you to read it carefully. This document is not from the LEVY COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE. If you are a land owner, you may obtain a copy of your deed for $1.00 per page from our office.

Important Reminder to Attorneys

Important reminder to attorneys regarding Foreclosure/Notice of Sale/Default:   Once the Clerk for Levy County completes the issuance of certain documents, they will then return back to the attorney of record (any summons, notice of action, and notice of sale) via email. Procedures must be followed for publication of court documents. Regarding legal notices of …

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e-Filing Now Available in All Court Divisions

We are pleased to announce that Levy County’s e-Portal can now accept electronic filings from all court divisions. Attorneys can now electronically file all case types electronically and once the filing is approved by our deputy clerks monitoring the portal, if approved, the filing will seamlessly enter our court reporting software system. The eFiling Portal …

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e-Filing Now Available in Levy County

The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority’s eFiling Portal website now includes access to eFile in Levy County, Florida. Danny Shipp, Levy County Clerk of Court, is pleased to officially announce eFiling is now fully tested and in a “live” environment. After months of set up and testing, attorneys can now electronically file select case types electronically …

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SCUBA Diving in Levy County

  Take a look at our dynamic areas for diving and snorkeling. Click here to download a flyer all about diving in Levy County.

About E-Filing

Levy County Clerk of Court will soon be offering E-filing services. The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority Board was created pursuant to legislative directive to provide oversight to the development, implementation and operation of a statewide portal designed to process the filing of court documents. Watch this brief video for more information on E-filing: Here’s a list …

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Redactions: Important information

Please note the important, following information regarding redaction and redacted documents: On January 1, 2012, pursuant to section 119.0714(e)(1)of Florida Statues and Judicial Rule 2.420 Effective on January 1, 2012, and thereafter, the clerk of the court must keep social security numbers confidential and exempt as provided for in s. 119.071(5)(a), and bank account, debit, charge, …

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Commitment to you

As your Clerk of the Circuit Court here in Levy County, Florida, I am pleased to provide you with this Web Site for access to information about the services and functions of the Clerk’s Office. We are deeply committed to protecting the Public Records and serving you. I encourage you to explore our Web Site and …

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Explore Levy County

Visit Levy County, Florida! Discover your next adventure in a world of natural wonders far beyond the hustle and noise of man-made attractions. Outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen have long found a wealth of opportunities within the boundaries of Levy County. Word has spread about this diverse, unspoiled region known as “Florida’s Natural Paradise” where the …

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