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Union IAFF/Wage Data/Emails Regarding DPS Business – 2021-02

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Date Published
BOCC Highest Paid Ranked by 2017-2019 AveragesAdobe PDF72KB11/02/21
BOCC Highest Paid Ranked by 2020Adobe PDF61KB11/02/21
DPS Summary of Leave-OT Policy Costs by TypesAdobe PDF27KB11/02/21
DPS Employee Summary by Employee – ChangeAdobe PDF114KB11/02/21
DPS Employee Wage Type Pre-Post OT Policy ChangeAdobe PDF36KB11/02/21
DPS Employee Wage Type Pre-Post OT Policy Change-by EmployeeAdobe PDF298KB11/02/21
Levy County Audit, September 30, 2017Adobe PDF3,017KB11/02/21
Article 6 – Payroll Deduction of DuesJPG Image445KB11/02/21
DPS Labor Supply and Demand Disparity IssuesEmail Message182KB11/02/21
DPS Payroll Comparison DataEmail Message61 KB11/02/21
Final Levy IAFF CBA 2019-2022Microsoft Word Document97KB11/02/21
FW: Clerk & Comptroller Discretion Over Constitutional…Email Message155KB11/02/21
FW: Contract Ratification of IAFF ContractEmail Message162KB11/02/21
FW: EMS OT QuestionsEmail Message70KB11/02/21
FW: Half Cent Hourly RateEmail Message94KB11/02/21
FW: IAFF Union Rep PropagandaEmail Message94KB11/02/21
FW: Incentive PayEmail Message133KB11/02/21
FW: L4069 Dues IncreaseEmail Message248KB11/02/21
IAFF – Terry and Linda Work for ThemEmail Message57KB11/02/21
Other County ComparisonsMicrosoft Excel Document16KB11/02/21
RE: Assets Risk RemovalEmail Message142KB11/02/21
Re: By the WayEmail Message77KB11/02/21
Re: CAFR(2)Email Message77KB11/02/21
Re: CAFREmail Message51KB11/02/21
Re: Contract Ratification of IAFF Contract Email Message161KB11/02/21
RE: Falsifying Time Records Email Message111KB11/02/21
Re: Half Cent Hourly Rate Email Message93KB11/02/21
RE: Incentive PayEmail Message132KB11/02/21
RE: Insurance Grievance ResolutionEmail Message147KB11/02/21
RE: Item 5 on the Agenda, John’s Ethics Letter Email Message92KB11/02/21
Re: Negotiation RequestEmail Message87KB11/02/21
RE: New OT Codes Needed & Union Leave PoolsEmail Message147KB11/02/21
RE: Recruitment and Retention Incentive AgreementEmail Message131KB11/02/21
The Union That Just Could Not Ger Enough…TaxationEmail Message142KB11/02/21
Wage Surveys – 03-25-21Microsoft Excel Document63KB11/02/21
Wage Surveys – 09-18-21Microsoft Excel Document36KB11/02/21